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aroques / missionaries - and - cannibals Star 2 Code Issues Pull requests Three missionaries and three cannibals are on one side of a river, along with a boat that can hold one or two people. Find a way to get everyone to the other side without ever leaving a group of missionaries in one place outnumbered by the <b>cannibals</b> in that place. return hash((self.cannibalLeft, self.missionaryLeft, self.boat, self.cannibalRight, self.missionaryRight)). Missionaries and cannibals problem is a well known Toy Problem to learn basic AI techniques.. I implemented it using iterative deepening depth-first search algorithm. My state is represented by a 3-element vector <A,B,C> where A represents the side of the boat (0/1), B and C represents the number of cannibals and missionary on the left hand side of the bank. View 5.2. Missionaries and Cannibels.pptx from AI 123 at Iqra University, Karachi. Missionaries and Cannibals ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE LAB DESIGNED BY: HIRA FARMAN Missionaries and.
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