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FULL WINDSHIELD MODEL. 2022 Bayliner Element M17. We designed the evolutionary Bayliner Element M17 to be the start of something new. It combines a stunningly affordable price familiar automotive-style handling and class-leading stability and safety features. Plus it has the power and comfort features to get you to the fun spots and enjoy every. The Bayliner Owners Club is a gathering place for Bayliner Owners and prospective owners. No matter what size or model of Bayliner Boat that you have or are contemplating, we have members here who have that same model and would enjoy discussing it in a friendly, welcoming environment. The Bayliner Owners Club and its Decades of stored boating. . 6. Feb 21, 2016. #1. Looking at buying a boat. Not sure if buying new or used, but if going new I'm looking at either the Bayliner Element 18xl or the Stingray 182SC. Both are deck style boats. I will be using the boat just as a run around with the family. Primarily in saltwater back bays off southern New jersey.
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